Maintenance Product

Snow Flakes Grooming Powder

A unique grooming powder that has been specially formulated to be super fine and soft

Remove most stains (saliva, urine and tear) without making the coat brittle.
Brushing out easily and leaving the dog well groomed.
High absorbability
Absorbs excess moisture and oil.
Does not dull the coat
For high brightness
Recommend for all breeds.

Coat Revitalizing Spray

Coat and Skin Treatment Strongly recommend for long coated and hairless breed

Specially formulated skin & coat revitalizing spray with jojoba protein & vitamins to condition flat, double coated breeds

Refreshing with a light citrus fragrance in an easy to use water based spray
Removes tangles from a wet or dry coat.
Formulated to protect coats from matting and tangling.
Excellent for revitalizing.
Especially effective for breeds such as; Yorkshire, Maltese, Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso, Afghan Hound etc.
Minimizing the damage caused by dry blowing, ironing or hair sprays.
It gives a natural shine to coat and prevents static.
Can be used daily during brushing to keep the coat in excellent condition.
Available Size: 300ml

Volume Energizing Spray

Volume Energizing Spray is formulated from all natural ingredients including jojoba protein and natural moisturizing factor.

The Volume Energizing Spray will increase the volume, softness and smoothness during coat brushing which will not weight down the coat.
It also prevents the coat from matting, tangling, static and splitting by replenish moisture and improve the texture of the coat.
With continued use, the coats condition, texture and volume, comb ability and gloss will steadily improve.

Volume Energizing Spray is highly water absorbent and contains vitamin and mineral conditioning agents to keep the coat and skin in excellent condition which promotes hair growth

Directions : Use the Volume Energizing Spray when coats are going through a coat change, are matted or tangled, when hair is braking, when treated with hairspray or just not in the best condition.

Spray the Volume Energizing Spray on the trouble spots before brushing out, this makes the brushing and combing much easier.
Reducing your grooming time and reduce and prevent the coat from breaking while brushing, but also re-energizing a dull coat by improving the coat texture.

It can be applied and sprayed on a wet or dry coat.
Recommended for Double coat Breed

Available Size: 300ml

Magic Treatment Oil

Prevent or give excessive moisture to cracked paws.

Will not dry out the coat by suffocating the hairshafts and will not cause dandruff
Coat and Skin Treatment -Strongly recommend for long coated and hairless breeds.

Helps repair damage caused by mats and other products containing harsh chemicals and sillicone
Protects the coat from further damage by strengthening the hair shaft
Excellent for ‘holding coats’ between show days.
Can help prevent bacterial and viral infections
Gives the coat a fabulous natural resiliency
Saves grooming time
Prevents tangling

Available Size: 250ml, 1litr